Should you hire a disability attorney when seeking benefits?

If you know you are in need of Social Security disability (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) then the first question on your mind is likely where to begin? On the surface, applying for benefits may seem like a simple task, you download some forms and submit them to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

The most common mistake people make when taking on this task without legal representation is that they end up submitting too much irrelevant information and too little of what matters.

The Evidence Needed To Win

The single most important element that attorneys understand when taking on a disability case is how to develop the evidence needed for an approval for that client’s particular medical conditions. 

When you hire your attorney, you will need to sign a medical privacy release that allows your attorney access to your medical records. The attorney will usually pay for these records for you until your case ends, at which time you will be billed for the cost.

Handling Your Hearing

You want someone in your corner who could win a disability hearing in their sleep. This is where your case is dissected and ultimately where they decide if you are entitled to the help you deserve.

Disability attorneys are familiar with the administrative law judges (ALJs) in their district. This matters because some ALJ could have biases towards certain medical conditions. 

Your attorney can handle “bad facts” that may exist in your medical documentation. On the surface these facts are harmless, but could do irreparable damage to your disability case. Additionally, they handle all cross examination and prepare you for questioning.

How Expensive Is A Disability Attorney

The benefits of hiring an attorney definitely outweighs the cost! It is proven that if the same case were to be presented, that the case with the legal representation is more likely to be approved over the case without.

The costs are fairly straightforward: disability attorneys charge a fee regulated by federal law, which is usually the lesser of 25% of your disability backpay or $6,000. Little or no money is required up-front, and you’re only charged a fee if you win your case.

To start the process of getting approved for benefits, and speak to someone that can help you apply, click the button below and complete the quick 30 second form now. We hope to help you receive the benefits you deserve!

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