About Us

About National SSDI

National SSDI helps Americans successfully file and obtain disability benefits across all 50 states. Filing your disability claim can be an overwhelming process, and more than 60% of Americans have their initial claim denied. Often, claimants are denied for making a simple error on their initial application, or failing to submit a form on time. The laws of the social disability process are increasingly complex and we recommend that you apply for benefits with professional help.

National Disability Benefits is here to ensure that you understand your options and get the benefits you deserve as quickly as possible. We see the challenges thousands of Americans — just like you — face when applying for disability benefits. Most individuals are not aware of the benefits they are entitled to, leaving them and their family suffering in pain and financial distress.

With the right help you can:

  • Reduce the physical and emotional hardship you and your family are enduring

  • Understand all the disability claim options available to you so you may maximize your benefits across multiple programs

  • Avoid paying any fees unless your claim is successful

  • Avoid being denied because of the common mistakes most individuals make when completing their application process

  • Avoid unnecessary delays during the application process

  • Obtain the support you need so you move forward in life knowing your health needs are met

A successful disability application means you get the support you deserve. Complete this free 1-minute evaluation to see how much you could receive in disability benefits.